February Special 2018

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The flavor of the month is allergies!! Believe it or not, February and March are the two months that allergies flare up the most AND when we see fleas make a MAJOR appearance. If your dog is scratching all the time, there are fantastic options out there to make them more comfortable! Apoquel, Cytopoint and Derm Defense are our 3 biggest guns in our arsenal to combat allergies.

If your dog scratches a little or a lot, make an appointment to evaluate his/her skin to see if these medications or food would help. For the month of February, we are  offering a 10% discount on Apoquel supplies and Cytopoint injections. Also a BOGO on Derm Defense food! I could write a book on skin problems, these two drugs, and other treatments but I know I need to keep it short and sweet. Just know that if your pet has problems, we have solutions!!

If you want to read more about either of these prescription medications, or Derm Defense food, please visit the following websites: