August 2017

posted: by: Karen Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Anyone else hot?  We sure are brave and strong to stick it out all year here in sunny, rainy, humid Naples! That's why we are throwing this special your way to reward your dogs and cats for being so brave as well! Hang in there, it'll be the cool month of September soon!

Regular veterinary check-ups are one of the most important steps you can take to keep your older dog or cat healthy. As they become older this becomes even more important. For the entire month of August, we are offering 15% off of our Senior Wellness package.                                                                     

The Senior Wellness is a complete blood count, chemistry panel, thyroid level, AND  chest and abdominal X-rays.  It gives a comprehensive look at the health of your pet. Remember that when an elderly pet ages 1 year, it is equivalent to us going from 70 to 77 years old. Much can change in one year for an elderly dog or cat! Please call or email your pet's Doctor or any of our trained staff to ask whether your pet should have this done.